Can find where is a problem?

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What is the problem exactly that you are inquiring about and what output did you expect?

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I expect both numbers must be 43, but second number is 0.

I am not sure how you can compile this but you should not be able to since inside your main you are trying to output a variable named number without it being globally accessible but rather it’s only accessible inside the smiley() method.

That’s why your program does not run properly.

I would personally suggest using a different IDE.

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number is globally accessible. It is declared outside of main in global scope.
The program outputs exactly as it should.

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This example seems like a lesson on global and local scope

If you want to access the same variable inside main and in smiley, then you shouldn’t declare number again in the smiley function.
That means using
number = 43;
instead of
int number = 43
in the smiley function.

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I already realized this myself.