Can capital writing actually affect the results in sql lite code editor?

My issue is regarding the exercise in Manipulation

Since sql lite is case insensitive, I wrote my entire statement in capital letters and it seemed to be working in some of the exercises, but not in few of them, like the one attached below:

Is this a bug or does my code need correction?

You didn’t type what they told you to type in the code editor. Perhaps that’s why you got that error message–your code didn’t pass the tests in the back-end.

Everything looks same as given in the instructions, and since sql lite is case insensitive, it practically shouldn’t matter if the only difference in my code is that I write in capitals, right?

No, everything does not look the same. Your code needs to be corrected to match exactly as they tell you for that step. Otherwise, it won’t pass. I didn’t write the code for the background tests.

If you type it exactly as they have it written, it passes. ALL CAPS seems like shouting & it’s hard to read. Keywords should be in uppercase, identifiers, lower.