Can Bootstrap be linked to CSS?

Hello there,

I am wondering whether Bootstrap can be linked to CSS. If possible, can you guys show me how to do it (any source links that can help me?) I am trying to use Sublime text 3 now. I know how to link the Bootstrap to html, but not CSS.
Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

I am slightly confused by the question, bootstrap is a css file which help you to build a webpage faster.

Why would you want to link bootstrap to css? It is already css

If you download the css file from the bootstrap website, you can modify it.

Hi Stetim94,

yeah, it’s ok now. It works properly.


its recommend to first include the bootstrap file css file and then your own css file, in case you need to overwrite something of the bootstrap css file

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They’re confused because no one is clear when they explain to people how they do what they do. In any thread you’ll find any number of developers just listing of tools, frameworks, and in general IPs. It just becomes lingo and is meaningless. We rarely discuss practices and methodologies, just tools that help us do stuff.