Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong with <p></p> it keeps telling me no empty p tags

My First Web Page


This is my first time ever being introduced to coding, and i absolutely love it. I want to learn all that i can so I will have the knowledge to help build websites for companies.

<p>There are some many job opportunities that you"ll have when you learn how to code.</P>

<p>I'm glad that i decided to change my career focus and switch to web coding. I can now see that i have an amazing future ahead of me.</p>  

Hi @teraclenin,
What exact exercise you’re doing?
can you mention Link of the page or Exercise name and your full code that you have written till now?

Also check this out…

I see a capitol p that shouldn’t be there.

Instead of doing a p tag like:

<p>Text here</P>

End it with a lowercase p. When starting with a lowercase p, end with a lowercase p. When starting with a capital P, end with a capital P. It is proper HTML etiquette to use lowercase letters for tags.

<p>Text here</p>

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