Can anyone tell me of ways i can improve my sills

I’m a 15 year old in the 9th grade and I’ve just started coding right now I’m only good at basic HTML and I barely know any of CSS. What type of coding should i learn next

Do you know Python yet? Or Java?

Depends on what you want to do, I guess.

If you’re only good, as you say, at writing basic HTML or only have a very basic understanding of CSS, then it wouldn’t hurt to do the Codecademy courses for these and keep practising them. You know bits of them already, so I presume that you found them interesting - why not carry on with those?

Once you’ve got a better understanding of the basics of the web, which HTML and CSS are, you can look at expanding your skillset with JavaScript to make your webpages interactive. Once you’ve got the hang of JavaScript, you can look at one of the frameworks (like React.js), or apply what you’ve learned to another language like Ruby or Python.

If you were aiming to code for a specific purpose, like say if you really wanted to create a phone app, then maybe we’d point you in the direction of Java.

It depends on what you’re wanting to do. :slight_smile:


no sorry for the late reply

that was really helpful thank you and i think im going to make an app as an project

Cool. If you were thinking of an app for a smartphone, then Java might be a good place to start as that’s the language for Android. There are tools and IDEs out there which would let you code for iOS or Android in something other than their native coding languages, but there isn’t a Codecademy course for those. :wink:

If you were thinking more along the lines of a web app, where the person using your program does everything through a web page, then you might want to check out any of the web development courses on here.