Can anyone explain Exponentiation?


Can anyone explain Exponentiation?


If this concept has not come up yet in your school studies then we are at a bit of a disadvantage since we cannot be sure how much you understand already, and what it is you do not understand. Can you expand upon your question, please? Thanks.

Include a link to the lesson, as well as what code you have attempted thus far.

Are you getting error messages? Please include them, as well. Thanks.

Briefly, to start us off…

2 * 2 == 4

The * is the multiplication operator in most programming languages, including Python. What we have above is a number times itself, a math concept known as squaring. The following expression gives the same outcome…

2 ** 2

It reads as, two squared, or two to the power of two. When we raise a value to some power, that power value is the exponent and the process of performing this computation is called exponentiation.

One more example,

3 ** 3 == 27

The equivalent expanded expression to this is,

3 * 3 * 3

3 * 3 == 9
9 * 3 == 27


Oh Got it… Thank u very much… it’s quite interesting to learn.


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