Can any one help me at this query

SELECT ROUND(percentage*100 ,1)||’%’ AS percenage

FROM (SELECT SUM(comb_score)/6366.0 percentage

FROM (SELECT user, SUM(score) comb_score

FROM hacker_news


HAVING comb_score > 200

ORDER BY 2 DESC) t1 )t2

I WROTE THE PREVIOUS QUERY , BASED ON A QUESTION AT PROJECT 2 AGGREGATION . THE QUESTION NUMBER 4 : Then, we want to add these users’ score s together and divide by the total to get the percentage ,
CAN ANY ONE HELP ME TO WRITE THE SUM(score) function instead of the number 6366.0.

Could you possibly edit your code to include formatting and include a link to the lesson/project you’re on (see the following for details)- How to ask good questions (and get good answers). It really does help anyone who tries to assist you with your query.