Can a stateless functional component have more parameters?


In the context of this exercise, can a stateless functional component have more parameters, other than props and state?


No, stateless functional components in React can only accept props and state as optional parameters. As a result, you cannot do something like the following, which adds other parameters other than props or state,

export const MyComponentClass = (props, param2, param3) => {
  return ...

If you need to pass any values to the component, you should always do so by passing them as props, without the need for adding other parameters.


Not multiple parameters but we can pass multiple arguments when we create our props from our parent component. Thus, if you have the need to use multiple values in your stateless functional component you can simply do the following:

class ParentName extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
          <StatelessFuncCompName myPropName={value1, value2, value3} />

On your Stateless Functional Component your can do the following:

const StatelessFuncCompName = (props) => {
    const variable_one = props.value1;
    const variable_two = props.value2;
    const variable_three = props.value3;

// And use them accordingly in your function

I believe I learned that from React Docs. Correct me someone if I’m wrong. Thanks!


I have an additional question to all that has been explained in this exercise:
If the stateless functional component is written as a JavaScript function, and therefore the React.Component statement is no longer used, do we still have to import the React.js library in the first line of our code?

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Yes, we do. We still use the react library but we are not extending any class from the react-built “COMPONENT CLASS”.

Also, saying “stateless functional component is written as a JavaScript function” is like saying " component classes are written as JavaScript classes". React is a Javascript Library which ultimately makes it Javascript.


Very helpful thanks.