Can a image from a relative path (my computer) be used in a Codecademy workspace?

I’m currently working on my first project in Workspace. I was successful in adding a link to a video from a outside source but I’m not having any luck adding a picture from my computer to the web page in Workspace.

The following is the coding I used to link the image to my page:

      <h3>Check on the cats</h3>
        <image src="C:\Users\mrcbo\Downloads\IMG_4617.jpg"/>


The above code only renders a image holder but not the actual image.
I reviewed a number of forums and cheat sheets without any success.
Please advise If I’m coding the image incorrectly or If personal images can be uploaded to Codecademy Workspaces?

Any assistance will be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

I just asked this same question. The answers I got were they don’t support uploading images from a local computer. Was told you have to upload the picture to a server. I haven’t tried that yet.

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Ok, thanks for the information. That’s one option I haven’t tried yet.

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