Can A CSS and HTML Class Attribute be Anything?

When creating a class asttribute with html and CSS, can the class term itself be any made-up word for purposes of identifying and targeting the element?

Yes, generally speaking. Attribute values are simple strings. Ideally we will use descriptive enough terms to make it easy to identify the purpose, role or effect.

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When you speak of class, you mean to use words like ATTRIBUTE and VALUE. If you mean that the name of the class attribute be any word, then no, it can’t. It has to be “class”. Think of it as a keyword that the browser knows how to handle.
If you mean the value of the class attribute, then yes, it can be any word. Think of it as a word that browser doesn’t know how to handle at first but then learns through attribute-value concept.

In fact, in your HTML you may assign multiple names for your class and in CSS you can target them specifically. For example, assigning class=“make-font-big generate-red-background” to an HTML tag will be controlled by both CSS classes .make-font-big that makes your content BIG and .generate-red-background that makes that element’s background RED.

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