Calvin Lee- Personal portfolio (would like helpful feedback)

Hello everyone this is my personal portfolio page made with HTML, CSS and a small amount of JavaScript. I used pop-ups to minimize organize my information into sections for my skills that I hope to build in the future. I also took a good look at flexbox to help me with my organization. I wondered about how I could make my site more responsive, felt like that was a downfall for me. Any advice would be appreciated, hereis the link to my site and my github profile. Thank you!!


Hello again! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I absolutely love your new portfolio page, especially the ability to click on a language and see what you used it for.

My (literal) two cents:

  • Like I said last time, try using some color! Having only a monochromatic color scheme leaves your portfolio looking a little dull.

  • You might want to let your images naturally resize (if you know what I mean) - right now they’re kind of compressed and not easy to read.

Other than that, it’s an amazing webpage! Congratulations again on completing your portfolio! :partying_face:

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Thank you @firebreather65, to be honest I wasn’t to happy with my last portfolio page. I made this one and I feel better about it. thank you for the link! I will look back at what you and @lisalisaj recommended! After I read your comment and previous comments I will admit I am a little on the dull side when it comes to color. I will work on my images the best of my ability and try to center them. Thank you for your comments and feedback!!


I’m glad you feel better about it! One of my favorite parts of being a developer is learning new skills and using them to update my old projects, so it’s awesome to see other developers do the same.

You’re very welcome, glad to help! Happy coding :grinning:

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