Calling All Autobots ! An Open Invitation_Welcoming All.!


Help me- Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re -** only hope*

Glad you got the message!! This is an urgent-OPEN-transmission!

First and foremost,
I truly appreciate your curiosity, and greatly hope for your interest.
I am not a fan of being so, but at times common in life, I am pressed for time, and I don’t have much to waste, so certainly, I’ll begin;

“Day One”_commonBroadcast

I’ve officially began my introductions to new and exciting learnings, and whole heartedly say: hopefully SO much more. I come to pause momentarily to begin (I hope) to personally grow through courage by sharing with you, my vulnerability, novice insecurities, thoughts and my hopes to join, begin, or aid in something much bigger than myself. I progress, I have been given a seven day-trial period of Codecademy Pro immediately upon the completion of my registration. I did not, however, have the option to suspend the stop clock, or delay the start of the deadline to the trial’s expiration, until I may be actually able to stop or deviate from everything that I have to do in my daily life in order to survive. Eat-Sleep-Shelter(EventuallyProcreate?) [naturally, by any means, amiright!?] Which if knowing so i would have waited to register to save and take advantage of valuable hours, to access courses only useful to the already experienced code reader/writer, or by (again, hopefully) getting through difficult hours of prerequisites and 101s. Regardless or when or how tired I maybe when actually able to have time for not only satisfying my interests and desires, but also furthering my education and I promise, to do my best to faithfully open new areas and opportunities in life.

Now, cue entry level stress gripe
I am potentially losing out on a service that not only do I wish to have, I believe I may need to make use of to fix yet also due to extreme financial difficulties. Its not going to hold me back though, right?! Right.

So after reading through the TOS, Privacy Policy and Beginner User Guide(s),Community Standards and Guides to Posting…Ambient Sounds

iNSERTmANTRA_: “I alone can do it, but I cant do it alone”
Which I self-consciously cadence, a direct and deep personal reference, to a Long Term Behavior Modification Program for young adults and teens I once attended.

{Audio_Play://Distant Chanting}
“I alone can do it, but I can not do it alone”,+ “No Free Lunch”,+ “where ever you go, there you are”
There were actually a bunch of good ones, (A single snowflake never feels responsible for an Avalanche)


I Alone can do it, but I can’t do it alone

thus my signal transmission

still with me?


If so…my Discovery of Requests are listed directly after the following:

Readme.txt_" A Quarter-Life Crisis For a Quarter of Me"

+…Through happenstance I have been given directions to this website from a rather random old neighbor, who was mentioned in a conversation I just finished having with one of my dearest, a true friend, surely one of-the-very few, if even anymore left. Who, so happy and proud to say, has finally gotten his life together, sans all his personal dramatic details; but overcoming certain life-circumstances, amongst a vast, at times seemingly endless series of mazes, systems, and pits of self-destruction, lonely misery and confusion.

++Via Years of Service in The United States Air Force he is doing very well and is now a very-soon-to-be-27-year-old-Firefighter…all the while…

“&.30+begins to violently bang on my door…”

I am 29, and he was like my only little brother, all the while I spent my pre-teen, to early 20’s mostly on the city streets of New York dedicated to one thing only: skateboarding, rain-or-shine. Not the most awful choice for, “anywhere else but home.” Id say. He was one of few that saw and knew where I came from and still befriended me…

Which for me, no matter where or when home was or moved, was (_Flavor;Vanilla) an extremely unhealthy, abusive and unfortunately traumatic environment, that the state of New York ended up removing me from, eventually leading to an emancipation at the age of 16. SURPRISE: it all summed up and was somehow resulting in PTSD, and a unique case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, “with subsequent diagnoses” “per part”.

[[although extremely challenging, this remains strategically hidden and a personal secret, discovered through frequent hospitalizations from my late teens, throughout my early adulthood, up until January 1st 2018. simultaneously marking the begging of the very first 100% sober and voluntary request for help from various medical professionals, I am underway with education and different types of treatment and proudly holding onto my " Very_first: Since I was about, 15 years old," official sobriety date.]]

{{—TEMPnew_Narrative"Most Inner-City Foster Parents don’t care enough to believe the kids are anything other than paychecks or sex objects" in agreeance “Group Homes usually aren’t any better”–}}

I Began drinking every day early on, predisposed and readily learned behavior, to deal with my various confusing symptoms, inevitably facilitating the sometimes rather ugly destruction of just about every relationship I ever created or to be made for years to come, during in which I mastered the art of crafting cocktails and having “good times” around the I$land of Manhattan, and at that time am recklessly and intermittently barely, rather vaguely, in-and-out of only a few key peoples lives, let alone friends, howbeit so…


Early yesterday, I found myself lucky enough to have time on an actual computer to do some android jailbreaking (Failed) and then
++Myp_hone Rings!. Link to “Theory of Everything”. txt.APOPHENIAdefined=Spooky String Theory LINK ----->.HERE.<------

++Haven’t heard from him in months, the majority of the year actually, the main fault being I am unable to pay my phone bill, because I can not be around alcohol, at least not yet.And truth be told have a few different anti-social disorders and cant even hold a conversation most of the time, let alone a job. And don’t really have any other skills or experience. Anyway One day which I happened to receive an email from Virgin Mobile titled " Things Happen, We get it. This month is on us…" Giving me 2gb of data to use, freeing me from the shackles of mostly public wifi, and it’s inherently uncomfortable, at times barely useable environments. I shared out of love, the only positive thing I’ve had as of late…which is the frustrations and difficulties I have been having trying to root my lgs676 android running 6.0.1 Marshmellow, in hopes to free up memory and hopefully provide access to features and services otherwise unavailable or unaffordable, generally speaking. He Tells me to reach out to this somewhat random old neighbor person when he hears I tell him my new interest because this guy is in programming. but it was the old neighbor who came to mind upon hearing a set of applauds coming from his definitely empty kitchen the other night whilst home alone, suddenly remembering an identical eerie story this old neighbor told him 15 years ago, and just HAD to call me because I was the only one that would believe him, and just so happens my phone service was actually connected this time.


In Search of, open-minded, dedicated and dilligent yet understanding and sensitive mentors, and peers.
I have a great sense of humor and possess the ability to think extremely subjective when necessary, from multiple different mental vantages and points of view. As I shared with you, there is probably nothing that I will find odd or unusual, I rarely use the words weird, crazy or strange as personal descriptors, and always try my best to be understanding and loyal.

what sites, blogs, or feeds, FB groups, ya know where should I be looking to submerse myself completely so I can thoroughly yet hastily learn so I can start making money in/from a non social-dependent environment, potentially simultaneously helping social environments like some of those Ive been through.

_–All the best intentions, with love,



Wow. I honestly cannot believe how much you’ve been through. I can feel how stressful something like that would be.

Anyways, have fun coding here ^_^)/


That’s a lot to go through. Sites you can code on is definitely CodeCademy to at the minimum learn the basics. Have fun coding!

I hope this helps =)