Callback functions in JQuery event handlers


About the event handlers;

First method
$(’#login’).on(‘click’, () => {


Second method
$(’#login’).on(‘click’, function() {


Third method
function gamma(){
… }
$(’#login’).on(‘click’, gamma);

Is " () => {…}" in method 1 short notation for “function() { …}” in method 2.

Also, do all three methods work the same in all cases without any exceptions? Are all three the same, or is there any difference in them?

$(this) in jQuery for mouseleave event

First, all three examples have the same jQuery object in context. We can stipulate to that.

The first is okay as long as it doesn’t use $(this) or this.

The second is fine all around until we get to the third. That is the ideal way to write a callback function. A standalone, pure function that always gives a predictible response. x in, y out.

Or, click => response, that being the case.

Arrow functons are okay in callbacks as long as you use the object for context, or the literal, eg., $('.nav-menu').

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