Call it Error


I am going through the Call It exercise, and I understand how to call a function, but it just gives me a red cross, saying that it is wrong. What’s wrong?

below the editor, it says: Make sure to call array_of_10 on line 5.

I know that I have to just type the name of the function, but still unable to proceed. I even cut and paste in case I have typed it wrongly, but still the same.

Any ideas? Thanks

below is the code, I type it on Line 5 as suggested.

def array_of_10
  puts (1..10).to_a



Yes, same issue here. The course has been a little bit buggy lately, I’ve run into similar issues on previous sections. I just reported it, hopefully they get it fixed soon.


Well, I have a temporary fix. When you are at the part, just keep trying to run, until you get a pop-up message that asks you if you are having trouble. At that point, just click on the GET CODE option, and it will give you a correct tick, which in turn will allow you to move forward.

You will see that the code is the same as the one you have typed, assume you know the correct answer.

Hope it helps.


glad it’s not just me. Thanks for heads up!


Same problem… I just wish they could fix it faster.


i think you have to call it inside a variable, like x = array_of_10


I’m also having this exact same problem. Seems to be some kind of bug. This is a very simple exercise… difficult for me to believe that we’re all screwing up this one line of code :joy:


I am having the same problem.


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