Calculator App with Tip Calculator and Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

As a complete beginner to coding Python I found this project to be very fascinating to code, and it only took me 3 days to code. Please feel free to let me know how I’ve done and what I could change, thank you!

Hello, this is my very first portfolio project I created for Code Academy from the Computer Science career path. This app’s purpose is to perform mathmatical operations such as addition, division, square, cube, etcetera. Along with basic operations, I also added a tip calculator to help the user quickly calculate their total bill, add tip, and split the bill. As modern (physical) calculators allow the ability the users to install games on them, I also installed a game to my calculator. I programmed a Rock, Paper, Scissors game and the user competes with the computer. Overall, this was a very fun and exciting program to code and I hope it will prove to be useful to someone else!

Check out the project: