Calculating financial statistics project help

I’m having a problem with step 4 of this project and am stuck.

Here is a screenshot of the issue i have.

If anyone knows where i went wrong, please let me know and thank you in advance.

variables have to be one word, or, if you have two words in them, they need to have an underscore.

the error message points to exactly where the issue is:

get returns = ...

should be:
get_returns = ...

Thanks but how about to solve step 4? i’m having a problem on how to solve step 4 in this project?

Also, there’s no way i’ll be able to finish this project properly without a video about an experienced developer doing this project.

Check the indentation on your for loop and function definitions.

I don’t know what step 4 is because there’s no link to the lesson in question.

Also, check the forums bc perhaps other people had questions about this project and those questions have been answered/resolved.