Calculating Codeflix Churn Rates SQL project

Hi Community,

I would appreciate constructive feedback on my Calculating Codeflix Churn Rates SQL project as part of Analyzing Data with SQL Skill Path.


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Hi Joyce, I don’t really have experience in grading people’s assignments, but these are some things I noticed:

Firstly, for your Table of Contents slide, instead of writing the exact things-

  1. Take a look at the first 100 rows of subscriptions.
  2. Determine the range of data of months provided.
  3. and so on…

Try simplifying it. You’re presenting data and making conclusions, so for example-

  1. Take a look at the first 100 rows of subscriptions.

Can become:

  1. Inspecting the subscriptions table.

Secondly, your queries look really good.
They show everything they need to so good job on that!

Thirdly, I didn’t really see any conclusions being made.
It was just query, results, repeating results in word.

Snippet from one of your slides:

  • Sum of active and cancelled subscriptions for each segment, for each month
  • Column names: sum_active_87, sum_active_30, sum_canceled_87, sum_canceled_30
  • See previous slide for code of creating status_aggregate temporary table.

We have this- but so what?

“We can see the sum of users that cancelled from segment 87 for January is 70, a drastic number compared to cancellations for segment 30, 22. I suggest putting out more incentives for those users from segment 87 to stay.”

Lastly, you seemed to reference your queries a LOT.
So I suggest using an appendix or multiple if needed- to make reference easier. I also suggest using hyperlinks (wink wink @codeneutrino) for easy access to your appendices.

“Using this query (see Appendix X), we can blah blah…”

Overall, I think there is room for improvement, but this is well done!

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Thank you so much for your constructive feedback Jada! I’m super encouraged that you took your time to help me by making suggestions of how I can present my work in a more streamlined and interesting way by explaining the reason that we are analyzing the data and how we can provide feedback to companies to improve their business practices. I am thankful for your suggestions and will keep them in mind in revising this project and when working on my next project. :relieved: :mask:

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Hi Joyce,

  1. Your work has helped me a lot to complete my project. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Your churn rate for March for segment 87 is 1.12 , which is over ‘1’, the churn rate can’t be more than ‘1’. (?) I think the main reason is that in your code for ‘is_active’,
    WHEN (subscription_start < first_day)
    AND (
    subscription_end > first_day
    OR subscription_end IS NULL ) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS is_active,
    you wrote (subscription_start > first_day)
  3. Overall, your project has been my guidance to complete mine, so thank you. Keep on the excellent work.
    cheers, Judy from Melbourne

thank you, help me through this project

Hi everyone :wave:,

Here is the link to my Codeflix presentation: SQL_User Churn_Codeflix.pptx - Google Drive

If you could please share with me your comments on my:

  1. Code/queries: Are they correct? Can they be made better?
  2. Answers/conclusions: Are they correct?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :hugs: :call_me_hand: