Calculating Churn Rate (Code review/ feedback)

Hello, community. I was hoping to get feedback on the Calculating Churn Rate project that I just completed. Codecademy did not provide a solution, so I am hoping to see whether or not my queries are correct. Please advise.

Hi @arc6497970400, welcome to the forums!

This is for the DS Path, right? (Codeflix?)
Did you happen to watch the “Get Unstuck” video to verify that your code is correct?

The console won’t print out your entire solution b/c you’re creating CTEs in steps 3-7 and you’re not directly querying those so you won’t see any output until step 8.

One way to see your results is right after you create the CTE (WITH statement) you could query it (like is done in the video) with a SELECT * FROM months.

I hope this helps.


Also, there is a FAQ for this lesson here: