hello everybody

i got stuck in the calculate weight exercise in the javaScript fundamentals.

the code is working but codecademy wont let me go on to next exercise is there something i am missing??

const calculateWeight = (earthWeight,planet) =>{
    case 'Mercury':
    return 'the weight in Mercury is ' + earthWeight* 0.378 ;
    case 'Venus':
    return 'the weight in Venus is '+ earthWeight* 0.907;
    case 'Mars':
    return 'the weight in Mars is '+ earthWeight * 0.377;
    case 'Jupiter':
    return 'the weight in Jupiter is '+ earthWeight*2.36;
    case 'Saturn':
    return 'the weight in Saturn is '+ earthWeight*0.916;
    return 'Invalid Planet Entry. Try: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn.'
``` i keep getting this message: " When the planet is Mercury, the function should return the weight passed in multiplied by .378"

If I had a function named calculateWeight I would expect the returned result to be a float (for possible further usage), not entrapped in some kind of string. I think this is also why the exercise is rejecting your code

for pretty print I would make a separate function. Your function currently has two responsibilities instead of one.