Cake O'clock project is given as a lesson too early in the process

I am on the old Web Developer career path and have reached the Testing category of lessons. One of the first things given is a project called Cake O’clock. It asks the student to start writing code that hasn’t been taught at all up to that point. Very confusing and frustrating.
I noticed that it is also one of the first things given in the ‘Learn JavaScript Unit Testing’ modules outside of the career path I am on.
In order to move forward, I skipped the project and went straight through the ‘Write good tests with Mocha’ and ‘Learn test-driven development with Mocha’. These are the lessons that a student should start with.
The ‘Why Test’ module should not even have a project included at all, since it teaches no Mocha coding lessons. The Project could go at the end of the last module of TDD.

Just thought I’d mention it to keep other students from getting overwhelmed with this module structure.
Great website, though. Thoroughly enjoying my journey to learn Web Development!

I’ve noticed this as well. I ended up taking a gander at the Test Driven Development project video and it assumes that we already know chai. Not sure if this was an intentional thing for them to do.

i’ll take your advice and skip this section and go straight to “Write good test with Mocha”