C# & Unity/Monodevelop



My name is William Thomas, I have a Bachelor of Science in Game Design from Full Sail University. My passion for designing and developing video games has evolved to software development. What I enjoy most about development, is system design & programming.

I have used Unity3D for about 4ish years so far and have become really comfortable programming in c# within Monodevelop. I have tried using other IDE's such as eclipse for Java, Xamarin with c#, and Android Studio with java and XML. However, I always seem to end up back in Unity. Especially now that building to Android and IOS is free in Unity.

I would love to see some courses here on codecademy for scripting in mono environments and maybe a few courses for areas of Unity's workflow such as using pre-loaded assets, Streams, connecting to Databases, and build settings.

I think Unity can be used not just for video games, but for building apps as well.


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