C++ teaching

I think that Codeacademy is the best website to learn coding. And it develops every time. That’s why my wish to include C++ as a popular language for programming. I love your style of teaching, you always cheer for successful ending of exercise. And use simply examples. And for me it wasn’t hard to solve exercises. You made me to believe that I can coding.

If you are interested in C++ then I would check these things out:

Learn C++ In One Video (If you are familiar with other programming languages)

Starting Out With C++ (These are both for beginners)
C++ Game Design and Development

These are how I learned it.

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Thanks buddy! :sunny:

You can enter this poll for new courses !

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I did it. Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling:

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Np, You’re welcome !

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling:
Happy coding !

What inspired you to learn programming ?
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I inspired by this picture. :slightly_smiling:

Awesome !

Lets see how many days you can hold the streak ? :slight_smile:

That’s mean coding without pause? (streak week). I didn’t understand the whole meaning.

yeah it means you code everyday, how many days in a row you can code and thats your streak …

You can view your streak on your profile
You have a three day streak well done :slight_smile: keep it up !


:grinning:Cool! That’s all that I can say…

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This method must be implemented in the courses of musical instrument. :musical_score: Thanks for all Zaina. :slightly_smiling:

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