C# output dont work

using System;

namespace MadLibs
class Program
static void Main(string args)
This program are a Mad Libs wordgame. Mad Libs are short story with blanks for the player to fill in that represent different parts of speech.
Author: Marsh

  // Let the user know that the program is starting:

Console.WriteLine(“The program is starting.”)

  // Give the Mad Lib a title:
  string title = "TITLE";

  // Define user input and variables:

  // The template for the story:

  string story = "This morning _ woke up feeling _. 'It is going to be a _ day!' Outside, a bunch of _s were protesting to keep _ in stores. They began to _ to the rhythm of the _, which made all the _s very _. Concerned, _ texted _, who flew _ to _ and dropped _ in a puddle of frozen _. _ woke up in the year _, in a world where _s ruled the world.";

  // Print the story:



Hello! What’s wrong with the program? Are there any errors? Also, there should be a semicolon at the end of this line: