C or Java (or etc)

What is the best programming language to use for a “Very first (no knowledge) newbie trying to learn” C or Java? (or what should I learn if I want to become a Whitehat? Like upgrading security (idk if Im talking right) what would you recommend me? I want to work at IT

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I hope you are ready for this challenge.

Personally i dont think you would need to start with coding to become a hacker. The main thing about hacking is thinking of ways to get in somewhere without using the main door.

This could mean cutting a wire that sets of a alarm. or distracting someone at a customer desk to secretly insert a usb drive. This is afcourse not white hat hacking. But what im trying to say is code is not everything for a hacker.

This does not mean a white hat hacker should not learn code. The “best programming language” for a white hat hacker would be all of them.

I would recommend looking at what you are trying to hack and google for what tools are best. Once you see its needed to learn a language start with that one. Make sure you look for all possibilities before starting a language tho.

Here is a article that explains how you can start becomming a white hat hacker.


Most people who do code, and don’t go down the web path choose Python for how simple it is. Then maybe try java because it is more used than C++. Then you should do C++ after.

I hope this helps =)

As a beginner programmer don’t worry about learning a language. Worry about concepts and learning to translate ideas into code.

I believe C can be a very good first language under the right circumstances, but you’re probably better off with a higher level language where you can actually get things done - C is very much a do-it-yourself language and that may get in your way.

Java makes a huge fuss about classes and may therefore be a pretty bad first language. That’s the wrong thing to be spending brain cycles on.

If you have any community or resource in mind, just go with whatever they use, that’ll outweigh other considerations.


A quote from a professor at Harvard: “Syntax tends to get in the way of people who are learning to program”
This is very true and is confirmed by the following statments.

A lot of Hackers and Programmers That are actually good at there jobs are Engineers, Outside of the box thinkers, People who can solve problems, as @biirra said it’s not really about the coding.

Again this is confirmed by @ionatan. Programming with languages like C isn’t like web design where you are simply designing a webpage. Most of the time you are using Code to solve problems by use of algorithms. As he said you should really focus on the concepts and learning that allows you to translate ideas into code.


What are you good at?

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That’s a hard question.

I don’t realy have any comparison.

I generally just look into everything tho. Anything that is interesting.

Does not realy answer your question does it ?


Hey skiieey,
This sound amazing to you want to became a White hat.
For a newbie I think you should start with c. Because c is too simple then java and java is quite hard also when you have command on c Then you should go on java .You should change of your way of thinking and approach. you have to learn cyber security side by side or how things work on internet like how a website made . what is malware , key logger etc
Hope this will help you,