C++ MinGW install

I am trying to follow along with the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxHLErBLgI8&feature=youtu.be) on installing and setting up MinGW, but I have Windows 8. The video shows the user going to edit environment variables, selecting “Path” under user variables to edit, that opens a new path window, then selecting “new” and there’s just one line to fill with the new path.

When I click “edit” it only gives me the option of editing the current path. If I click “new” it pops up with a little box that has a line for “variable name” and a line for “variable value.” Do I enter “Path” for variable name and “\MinGW\bin” for variable value?

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The video edits PATH, it doesn’t add a new variable, I assume (not a windows user) that gui splits the variable up when displaying it.

For example my path currently looks like this:


And I imagine yours looks similar. Probably a lot shorter, and windows might use a different character to separate the entries.

Hm. And now I spotted a bug in my path… weeird

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I’m not sure how to add a new path, then. I would only have the option of editing the current one?

You’re not supposed to add a new one