C++ learning



Are you guys going to make a course that teaches C++


The tools are in place, other courses already make use of ubuntu instances so it'd just be compile and run. A matter of writing the course.

No clue what staff's thoughts are on this, perhaps it's been said somewhere and I should know.

Regardless, what I really want to say is, that because there isn't presently such a course, I wouldn't wait for it to happen.

If you want to learn c++, I suggest checking out these topics in approximately this order (bottom half is arbitrary):

hello-world, how to compile and run
types (int string double covers most basic needs)
math and boolean operators
++ and --
*= += etc
cin and cout
for-each (C++11 and later)
sets, maps
bit-wise operators
file i/o
including headers and files

Or, you know, find a tutorial where they actually thought things through rather than just listing topics from the top of their head. Don't go for those huge books, get a brief overview. Googling the topics above for example.

For practice I suggest checking out some online judges like UVa or SPOJ .. there are others - and do the really easy ones. Google a lot.


Is there any certain website you would suggest. I've been around the net looking for a good C++ course, but none I've found were well made.


I think watching lectures on youtube is a really good way to do it.

Here's one

It seems to assume knowledge with other languages, and I definitely don't think C++ is an appropriate first language anyway, better to approach it when you already know how most things are supposed to work in programming and really only need to learn how C++ differs from other languages.

What learning resource is appropriate for a particular person is hugely dependent on that person. Somebody might need 40 hours for something that another will run through in 30 minutes.

So for example Java or C#, they keep you safe by limiting what you can do, much more sane to start with and because they run in virtual machines, you get much much better error messages.

C would also be a decent language to learn before C++, it's a subset and you can compile C code with the C++ compiler. However, C is a simple language, very few features. C will still let you shoot yourself in the foot, its advantage is that you're working very close to the computer. It's not the easy way to learn to program.

Otherwise.. Read one of those huge books.
Or take your own path by googling what I wrote above and see where that takes you.
Or learn the absolute basics from any tutorial and then start writing things, a project or solve online judge problems

The fastest way to get into it is to just learn the basics (first 12 things in my list above) and then start writing. Use google as a crutch, use google no matter what really, that's the number one resource for learning to program.


I've found a great textbook called, "Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects" that you can buy for under $10 on Amazon.


Learn by a youtube viedo. Thats probably always the best way to do it, unless you have a mentor whitch is even more better!