C++/Java Object Oriented Programming & Data Structures

So, I’ve taken a few classes in college that taught programming all the way through OOP and algorithms, and based on what I’ve interpreted, there is no C++ or Java skill sets involving OOP or data structures. I feel like those skills are a huge importance.

Personally, I’m going back to school in the fall, and I’m trying to recap my knowledge on Java and C++. (I’m also learning new and other skills to build my skillset.) But I really think having CodeAcademy have these courses, especially for refreshers, is important. I have the Pro membership, and I feel like the career path for Computer Science (w/ Python) isn’t very useful. Most jobs aren’t going to hire a junior Python engineer (at least in my state). Plus, having access to multiple languages and frameworks is very important.

There are C++ and Java courses, which do, I believe, cover OOP and Data Structures, although I’m not sure what level they teach them to.

I suggest trying out the Pass the Technical Interview with Java course

It goes into linked lists, queues, stacks, hash maps, trees, heaps, graphs, and more.