C++ is FINALLY here on CodeCademy!


here u go trevor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKQpOzEY_A4


Yes, it’s due on Monday though.

Check my entry for some inspiration :smile:


This language gives me memories… my first step towards Object Oriented Programming back in High School


Thank you @sonnynomnom !


That is cool @_markviii!


I know failing is not a good thing- trust me, I’ve been there, done that! If you learn using this, you should be on C++. Stay tuned, and getting the new information, and I would doubt you would fail!


The C++ update should be here:

  • Monday, December 10th: Conditionals & Logic (Module 3)**


Yes! This update is now out!!!


I know! My progress went from 33% to 25%! I will get to it soon!


:slight_smile: still knocking out some bugs! but let me know if there are any problems


Ok! Still taking the parts before this update! I will hopefully get to it tommorow!


I’m at 50% I think for now. I’ll do more later.


Darn it, a lot of people are beating me :sweat_smile:

I better get to work!


Some people have already finished it…

That scares me sometimes…


Yes. A can’t believe people already have it done, but I guess right now its still short.


Yes. That is true. Its still short for the meanwhile due to how new. And yes, luckily updates are happening on Monday, and then after Christmas Break.



Wow. This has been hidden :no_mouth: Let’s continue this is a chat now if we want. I just now got a sign saying to maybe continue in a personal message. So lets do that if you want.


I almost finished it, found it easy, only because I’m learning C in CS50