C++ is FINALLY here on CodeCademy!


CodeCademy finally has gotten the course C++!

So my question is what is the purpose of C++?

FAQ: Variables - Review
Python, now what?
C++ learning
General Question

Both C++ and C# are object-oriented languages, although C++ is considered a harder language to work with. … C++ is considered a more prestigious language used for applications such as games, operating systems, and very low-level programming that requires better control of hardware on the PC or server.


What?! Wow! This is great!

So pretty much the whole C series, C, C++, and C# are just console languages that have a pile of fun libraries for you to work with, and they are pretty related in a way with JavaScript.

In fact, C++ is actually a really fast language, and Python is a complete turtle compared to this language.

Community thoughts on the new C++ course?

Any scripting language is going to be slower than a compiled one since it has to go through interpretation, then made into byte code and then compiled.


I recommend Learning Java First to anyone who is interested in C++. Of course, I don’t recommend learning C++, or Java for that matter, at all until you learn more about Software engineering seeing as these languages have more to do with software engineering than building simple designs. (CS50 @ Harvard is a great idea)


Loved C++ back in college. Can’t wait to refresh my memory. Thank you codeacademy!!! :grinning:

Community thoughts on the new C++ course?

Finally Wiki-Bot released several things for C++!


More parts of the C++ course will be released on Monday!


Yea! More parts will be released! I can’t wait for more C++ coursework!


I looked and found this:

More Content is Coming!

  • Thursday, December 6th: Getting Started with C++ (Live Stream)
  • Monday, December 10th: Conditionals & Logic (Module 3)
  • Modany, December 17th: Loops (Module 4)


I’m just starting it actually. Still on the first lesson :grinning:

I’ll get done eventually…

EDIT: I just finished the first lesson, and onto the second one!


So guys, I viewed the stream that @icetomeetyou found on the CC news:

The stream was great! I enjoyed how the person was talking, and not just their tone.

I made some code for the challenge that the person was referring to, and I made a topic about it:


Is it still active? If so, I want to do it.


Hello! I am here for C++ because someone told me they have C++ here. So here I am to learn it!


Nice! Welcome to CodeCademy! Currently this is new so stuff is still getting added for this course!


I tired to see, but I couldn’t find it. I tried a few times throughout today, and still didn’t see it. I still want to go to one, so I guess I’ll try sometime again soon!




…totally true. And hopefully with faster processors we ain’t gonna notice at all. Python is love and when I use python for, in-my-case, analysing data, then I dont care about a tiny time delay :slight_smile:


That’s nice! Not failing test is a amazing thing to have. :smile:


here u go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKQpOzEY_A4