C#/Game Creation


Is there or are you going to create a course for C#/Game Creation? Will you make it free?


First, C# will cost money just to put in. Courses like that normally you would pay to get in. Also, C# may never get put into to CodeCademy anyway due to the cost of putting it in for people to use.

I hope this helps =)


If you are interested in game creation with C# than unity has alot of small tutorials on this.

Afcourse you are stuck to using unity but since it is a very popular it might not be a bad thing.

here is a link to the tutorials.

They make most of the tutorials for javascript and C# so you can even choose.


In my unity it will not let me create a JavaScript script. How would I do that especially since I am fluent in JavaScript but not C#


You will need to learn c# syntax. It is a strictly typed language. I would recommend googling c# 101, and finding a video that suits your pace/learning needs.

for example. an integer value in JS is just a simple, let,const,or var = 5.
while C# it would be int myNum = 5;

a for loop in c#
for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){

While a for loop in JS would be
for(let i=0; i<10; i++){
Those just 2 examples of really simple difference.


Im not sure to be honest. I always do my unity coding in C#. But the tutorials do cover Javascript so it should be possible some way or another.