C# Data Types & Variables Quiz

Hey! I’m doing the ASP.NET path, & the quiz on C# Variables & Data types has a HUGE mistake(first question, the type of the variable is not specified before initialization on line 1):

hours = 10;
hours -= 2;

Hello! What is the question? It could be something like why will this code throw an error? Could you provide a screenshot of the questions and the answers provided?

question is:
Set the variable hours equal to 10 . Decrease the value of hours by 2 so that hours now equals 8 .

Hi @codeneutrino
I need help for codecademy

Hello! What is your question?

Where can i find a bug reporting for discord?

I’m not sure-I don’t use the discord, however the forums have their own bug-reporting threads. This is one. If you want, you can create a new thread reporting a bug.