C# courses all kinds of broken

ok so, i thought i’d use codeacademy to brush up on a language i havnt used in a long time. codeacademy comes highly recomended by most of the internet and i have to say i was expecting more. at first things seemed to be working fine, even if the lessons where a bit contrived and the grading system perhaps a little too specific. But by the time string parsing had come up with indexof and bracketing, everything just fell apart. several lessons in a row my code has been distinctly wrong, and i’ve still recieved a passing grade. in the first instance, i forgot to capitalize the last name used in the IndexOf() call to find the last name, and the validator yelled at me that my code was impossible to run because you cant pass a negative index to Substring. and yet… the grading system gave me a pass!

(let’s not talk about how really REALLY dissappointing it is that two lessons in a row have reinforced the idea that you should use IndexOf to get the index location of the first character by searching for the character that you rightly have no idea what will be in a normal string, instead of just using stringName[0] because HELLO. first letter = index 0. and it’s really annoying that you use name.IndexOf(“F”); char n = name [thatSpot] to find out that the first letter is ‘F’. either i know it’s F or i dont know it’s F and i should be trying to figure out how to figure that out. . otherwise why am i not setting the char to f and calling it a day. this is teaching bad programming to newbies.)

lesson after that, step 2 wants you to print the results to the console. i ran my code to validate it one step at a time and before i’d even tried writing in the console.writeline’s, it gave me a pass.