C++ course


Please include C++ language in Codecademy. I am tired of searching for an interactive website like Codecademy to learn C++. I am greatly in need of this. Comment what you feel of bringing in C++ and like this post if you feel this as a good idea. :sunny::sunny::sunny:

4/7 with "For" what's wrong?

Hi Fayaz,

Please see here and here


C++ should be the next course


This is a great idea to add c++ to CodeAcademy, but I feel if they are going to add it, they need to do a complete runthrough of the language. With the other languages, it barely skims the surface, and c++ is very powerful, but only if you know how to use it properly.


I want to learn a lot of code and a lot of course and C++ is a one of language I need to learn.


This would be amazing, please add a c++ course CodeAcademy!


I really would enjoy a C++ course.

I've wanted to dive into it for a long time now, but I can't find another site as user friendly and interactive as Codecademy.

Please consider adding a C++ course. :slight_smile:


With the amount of requests it's been getting, I'm pretty sure (don't quote me on this) it's been considered.


Have a look at this list it contains links to learn languages that Codecademy doesn't teach


C++ PLEASE!!!!:pray:


C++ would be a wonderful course to include. Such a widely used language!