C++ Class Constructor chapter - Unable to connect codecademy

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Summery of the report: C++ Class Constructor section unable to connect to codecademy.
Course URL: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-c-plus-plus/lessons/cpp-classes-and-objects/exercises/cpp-constructors
Steps to Reproduce: Open section on constructors.
Fix or Workaround: None
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Comments Tried refreshing page several times, navigated to other Codecademy chapters and was able to connect. This bug only affects this one section for some reason.

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I have tried connecting to the C++ Class Constructors lesson on different computers and the same thing happens. Unable to connect.

I can connect to the C++ Class Constructors lesson but failed to connect References and Pointers lesson for a while.


I have tried another browsers, disabling browser extensions, clearing cache or even use another devices. Either way couldn’t help. Surprisingly, the other lessons are fine fore me. I stuck in the task and cannot keep progressing. :frowning:

It suddenly works for me!

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