C# Certification Exam 70-483

Hi, I’m learning C#.

I would like to take the 70-483 certification exam soon.

Are there any more C# resources anyone can recommend, to assist with preparing for the exam.

I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you

Don’t waste your time, Microsoft are pulling the exam start of next year.

They were meant to have already pulled it but they pushed it back due to Corona.

Besides that, it is a rubbish exam focusing on a lot of outdated .Net stuff, which is probably why it is getting pulled. Yes, I have done it, passed it and it isn’t hard but I wouldn’t have done it if I had to pay for it and wouldn’t recommend anyone spending their own money to do so.

Oh and there are a good number of questions that have the wrong answer (I got one and I know someone else who took a picture of the question and looked it up after to conform) there is an option at the end to actually state questions that you think didn’t have the right answer, so either they know the qa is bad or they put them In on purpose, I didn’t bother because I was confident I’d passed.

Oh, another thing, you can find most of the questions for it online but the claimed correct answers are wrong for a massive amount of them.

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