C++ C# and Java

So it comes 3-rd year from 1st post of adding this languages to your website, but you added not needed languages
Thanks @Codecademy

Java programming is a course here, however C++ and C# are still not supported.

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So thats what im talking about, why they add ruby, sass,git, that not need a lot like c++ and c# but 3rd year didnt add c++#?

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because codecademy mostly focusses on web developement.

They added Java, console and python, and returning to my question why?

Ruby is a very helpful web development language and as technology moves
more toward online technologies more than locally based technologies, it
may be more helpful. Git is similarly useful for collaboration. And sass is
a powerful styling language, again, web development.

While I believe this is the reason, it’s also possible there was not
someone to write a course in these topics…

many servers run *nix, so knowing command line + enviroment is very useful

python has multiply web frameworks (django, pyramids, flask)

Java i don’t know, i only read that Java is everywhere