C# and Javascript

Hey all,

just a quick question regarding the use of C# and JavaScript.

I have been advised to learn C# and JavaScript + HTML + Bootstrap by the company I work for to advance into a programming career with themselves, they have a website and are delving into automation (web chat bots etc).

My question is If I learn both what would C# be used for and what would JavaScript preferably be used for, I’m assuming that C# would be backend and JavaScript front end?

Would C# be used to connect to databases and process information etc.

You can use C# for back-end and Javascript for front-end. Anymore you can use JS in backend and C# on front-end. But, these are fundamentals. If you want to be fullstack, you have to learn both of them in mid-level.

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Without knowing how the teams in your company use it it’s hard to tell. But a very likely choice is that you have a .NET backend written in C#, and some sort of frontend javascript framework (Angular, Vue, React, etc.), with even maybe some middle layer node js thrown in for routing.

It’s also possible that your company’s teams use different stacks per team. Some could do C# only (blazor front-end), some could do js only (including the backend), and some could be using C++ (backend) or python (backend) as well (maybe the person who advised you was just mentioning what the most in-demand approachable things were).

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