C++ Advanced

Any idea after completing the c++ course on codecademy. Where to learn more advanced c++ for game development.

Some suggestions, these are personal and not hard-and-fast rules:

    1. Draft a list of projects (no limits). Then try to see if you can identify the technical gap from where you are now to what you need to take on one of those projects. If you can’t identify the path clearly, ask around. That will give you a direction towards what kinds of skills you might want to pick up.

    1. Do mini-projects: I like to do mini-projects that start to set foundations to larger projects I want to do. For these, it’s good to have most of the skills to complete them within a reasonable time 1-3 weeks. The idea is that this emphasizes more project management and less worry about the building skills (time-management, structuring, making revisions on the fly, documentation, testing, asking for peer review).
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I want to go into the gaming industry[Atleast now I am thinking to create games]
Any good courses you know of?
I already completed the codecademy c++ course. :slight_smile:

There’s a free CS 50 course on youtube for game design. It’s good.

It’s hard to beat having consistent project experience though. You will learn a lot that way.

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OK Thanks :smile: for answering