Button not showing in Safari or Chrome

I did everything for the button and codecademy has said it is all correct and passed me through the lessons, but no button showed up–only the linked text with no border around it or anything. I’m wondering if it’s just an issue with Safari.

Edited: See the first comment below; the button is not showing in Chrome either, but the lesson is still marking it right.

Ok, I switched to Chrome and it still isn’t showing. Here’s my html. Any ideas what might be wrong when the lesson is marking it right? The one posted here is in Chrome. The one in the original post is in Safari. The code is the same in both.

Ok, interesting. I realized that the code in the first part of the lesson (pre-entered by Codecadamy) worked, so I copied, pasted, and commented it out then compared it to mine.

When I added these two lines:
border: 2px solid #6495ED;
background-color: #BCD2EE;

And added removed these lines:
border-color: #6495ED
border-width:10px; (2px hadn’t worked either)

. . . it worked.

So, I forgot the background-color and the border-style.

Also, when I listed border-size; border-color; and border-style separately and added background-color, it worked also.

Good to know!

Thought I’d leave this up in case anyone else makes that mistake.