Button game facebook instant games

Hello, I’m developing a game for the facebook instant games platform and I need to add a preloader in the
using the API.
I did everything correctly, but I’m having trouble adding
the blue “play now” button (Image: https://imgur.com/a/YmggUIP ) to make the game start only after
the user clicks this video button: https: //youtu.be/Sjj_UKX549A

Anyone who knows the facebook api could tell me the correct way to add this button?


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html manifest="offline.appcache">
<head><script src="https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbinstant.6.0.js"></script>
        <script src = "game.js"></script>



FBInstant.initializeAsync().then(function() {
    Module._fbinstant_inited = true;
    FBInstant.startGameAsync().then(function() {
        var windowWidth = window.innerWidth;
        var windowHeight = window.innerHeight;
        if(windowWidth > windowHeight){
            windowWidth = windowHeight / 1.8;
        var gameWidth = windowWidth * gameOptions.gameHeight / windowHeight;
        game = new Phaser.Game(gameWidth, gameOptions.gameHeight, Phaser.CANVAS);
        game.state.add("Boot", boot);
        game.state.add("Preload", preload);
        game.state.add("TitleScreen", titleScreen);
        game.state.add("PlayGame", playGame);

 FBInstant.startGameAsync().then(function() {
  // Here we can be sure the player has already tapped play.

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