But... def digit_sum is right there? (a.k.a.: Exercise 15.4)


Hello all,

In a bit of a pickle with an error(s?) on 15.4... I get an error in the top-right pane regarding my syntax at the beginning of the "for" loop, but the Codecademy pop-up error at the bottom of the screen says it's a "global error"...and then proceeds to ask me if I have created a function called "digit_sum", which is the first line of my code. So, due to the mixed messages, I'm unsure where to start fixing this. Any thoughts would be great. :grin: Thanks!


def digit_sum(n):
    for i<=n:
    return total


did you see the error message in the output window? which provides more information


for i<=n:

you use a for loop, but the syntax looks more like a while loop


Thanks! I did see it, but I didn't know how it related to the first error message I saw below. Just tried it, and I got the gear thing, which was better than before. Will try it in Spyder and do some tests with it. :grinning:


Hey! Figured it out... needed a "for" loop after all. Just needed to reverse the number that I was adjusting.

def digit_sum(n):
    for i in range(n):
    return total


personally i would use a while loop:

while n > 0:

but yes, this is very efficient code, giving working with numbers is fast, and there is no strings involved


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