Business outfitted bob project

oh ok thank you helps!

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I had the same problem, check spelling, capital letters, semicolons…
I had a few mistakes and the program showed gray. I corrected and it worked.

Hey everyone,
A useful tool that you can check for errors are the Chrome DevTools:
you can access it in Chrome by using CTRL + SHIFT + I, then clicking the ‘console’ tab, this will show you any errors in RED.

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This actually helped a lot, I’m seeing a lot of issues with the cookies on this site. I tried to do most of my coding on this site in incognito mode but because it’s incognito and didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to access the files through cookies it’s trying to call on this project.

@siuandy52031, Check if your code is right. In this Project, the usual error screen does not show up and this is the error screen. This happened to me too, and it was quiet frustrating! :upside_down_face:

I have a problem to when i add in the code
const rightArrow = cursors.right.isDown.
my screen goes white I don’t know why but just this block of code is making the whole thing messed up