Business outfitted bob project

Hello, I have been working on the Game Dev Project “Business Outfitted Bob”

I was trying to run the game at first. When I pressed a key, the program shows only gray(cap screen B). Is it normal or something wrong with my computer?


I am also having this exact same problem and would be grateful for a solution!

You would have to add variables to the code for it to actually do something.
Do some of the steps and it will show something up.

I’m having the same problem and I’ve completed all the steps in the project

Any one figured this out yet? All steps complete and just a gray screen =/

I have done all the steps and I’m still having this problem.

am at step 18 it still shows a gray cap

did all the steps
the code is not working on even locally
i copied the code and tried to run it locally
but still not running

I’m also having the same problem, except on the step where you have to press the arrow keys to move.


Hey guys, make sure you are hitting the save button on your code, otherwise none of the code is actually implemented in the game! And does anybody know how to code step 18 and 19 correctly? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was having this problem after finishing step 13.
Took a lot of time to realize that I was writing the if else statements with === True and not === true

Check if you are not making the same mistake :sweat_smile:

I solved the issue. If you have any browser script blocking on, turn that off for codecademy. This solved my issues.

I posted this in another topic too. Adding this since automatic system not letting me post similar messages.

did you ever fix this issue because i am having the same one

if u fixed the issue let me know because i am having exact same issue

It might be at the conditionals. Check your “IF…”

Remember, to check for a value, you should be using ‘===’ and not ‘=’.

‘===’ checks for a value. (Equal type, and equal value. It’s a ‘Comparison Operator’.

‘=’ assigns a new value to the variable, as it’s an ‘Assignment Operator’.

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Was stuck on this for ages because of a ■■■■ semi colon make sure that’s not your problem the bottom one is why my screen was grey!!

if (rightArrow === true){(moveBobRight)}

if (rightArrow === true){moveBobRight()};

someone you goes through the site please tell me why after 13 it turns white

also surprisingly NO ONE FIXED IT YET

if you are reading this its gray/white “its white for me” and this is 1 year old double check and if doesn’t work its broke also I still won’t be done with this project lol

Okay so if it is gray/white that means your code is wrong. Instead of giving you a red error text box like it usually does it says nothing. For me, I had to put rightArrow === true; which basically says rightArrow is equal to true/rightArrow is true. Instead of what I was originally saying: rightArrow = true. Which attempts to change rightArrow to the value true from cursors.right.isDown. Which is A) not what you want and B) not possible since rightArrow is a constant. This is simply one issue though. Just make sure to go over your code is all I cans say, and I wish they would link a video in the get help section.