Business Outfitted Bob Project solution

Hello everyone! I am trying to donwload the solution of the Business Outfitted Bod Project in order to review my project, what I have done. However, even if I downloaded wipzip file, I could not suceed it to download it and review it. Please, is there anyone who can help me, please?

Hello, and welcome to the forums

Just checked the solution and they stored it in a .tar.gz file. I suggest using the free program 7-zip instead of Winzip to open it. After you open it, it may extract to a .tar file, depending on how you do it, but 7-zip can also open up the .tar file. Then you’ll have the folder with the files.

Link to 7-zip

Thank you for the help!

Unfortunately, I couldnt succeed to open with 7-zip . I feel that I am doing something wrong.

Does this help?



I followed all the steps, you sent me but still I can’t. There is no a copy of the sollution in order to print it and review it???

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