Business Outfitted Bob - Bob not showing

Hello. I’m doing the project Business Outfitted Bob with Phaser.js. I’m on step 10, but there is a big problem “bob” isn’t showing. The area where bobs sprite shows is pure white. There is nothing showing. Ive logged out , cleared my cache and cookies but its still not showing anything. Please help. ps(i just put bug-invaders because Business Outfitted Bob is not showing up as a project)

It will be hard to help without knowing a few more details. Could you provide a link to the lesson, maybe copy and paste your code here? or a screenshot of the problem?


As you can see the white square to the right is completely blank.

ok. I dont know what i did wrong, i followed the steps in order and everything yet it did this. I decide to restart the project and he reappeared to the side. Idk what i did wrong but I’m just glad its working now.

ok never mind. Whenever i add the code to move him the the arrows he disperses.
const rightArrow = cursors.right.isDown;

const leftArrow = cursors.left.isDown;

const upArrow = cursors.up.isDown:

const downArrow = cursors.down.isDown:

@pup505, have you figured it out? I’m dealing with the same problem.

And me too :frowning:

same exactly- oof why is NoBoDy HeLpInG