Business Outfit Bob - money sprite not disappearing on collison

Hi everyone,
Here is a link to the Business Bob exercise:

I’ve gone through all the steps and filling in the missing bits of JaveScript code. All of the code I have entered seems to work, however when Bob collides with the money sprite the game just kind of freezes (the money does not disappear, the score does not update, the game does not reload).

Is it possible some of the code I’ve entered has ruined the functionality of the game or is this a bug with the game other people are experiencing?


Attach the code in the post. It’s the only way we can help…

I had a similar problem - make sure you have declared the “score” variable in the right way to allow it to change as you pick up scoring sprites… I would guess that you have declared it as a constant so when the code tries to increase it it fails (that’s what I did!).

I picked this up from checking the developer tools - it’s a really good habit to keep checking this if you have any problems if nothing else it tells you where to start looking!