Business man bob help needed

I am working through the business man bob project and the entire code works fine until it comes time to write the if statement for bobs collision detection the game goes from working perfectly to just being a white screen. It only goes to a white screen when the lines of code below are added to my code so some how these lines appear to be the problem. I have also disabled all browser extensions in case one of them was causing a conflicting issue but I am still getting a white screen. Any help about why the below code my be creating this issue would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

if(bobXCoord <== 32 || bobXCoord >== 448){



if(bobYCoord <== 32 || bobYCoord >== 568){



Problem solved it only needs one = not 2 for anyone else having a similar issue I recommend for projects that do not show the console to open your browsers console and use that. After opening my browsers console I was able to find the problem instantly.