Bundle install


the bundle install command doesn't seem to be working. It says "Could not locate the Gem file"

Also, how do i connect directly to the advisors? I haven't been able to find the button that lets me talk with them and the help button sends me right here.



Hi Paul,

Are you cded into the folder for your Rails app?

And for the live help, see here, specifically:


Hi zystvan, thanks for your response. I figured out the bundle install issue (silly case sensitivity error on my part).

Still, the broadway website isn't showing up in my browser for some reason. I still can't access the help function so something isn't right here.

Thanks and best regards


Glad you got that working :)
You've disabled all adblockers? Again, adblock is what caused the issue for me.


Yeah, I used the system fine yesterday. I am thinking they aren't in today- has anyone been on with an advisor today?


Odd - they were only supposed to take Thanksgiving day off, not the day before it too, if the emails I got were correct. Still, once they get off their holiday break I'm sure they'll be back on again :)