Building useful classes


can anyone tell me what this weird problem means


your code is good, I passed it with same code, atm I'm getting error on line 152 and I have 9 lines of code hahah


whats the problem here i dont understand its still the same error


i got the problem it was lacking sapce between %d's on line number7


thank you, I couldn't get where's the problem too :slight_smile:


Thanks for helping me see what was happening. I had the exact same result. I think this part of the course should be improved - especially the error message:

Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't print "(1,2,3)"

It is evidently incorrect! In fact, it looks like we did print (1,2,3), when in reality to get this to pass we had to print (1, 2, 3). <== with spaces.

Does anyone know, what is the correct venue for suggesting this be improved in the actual course?

John Clayton


in line 11 you must call repr()


no, he created instance of class Point3D, passed it vales of x, y, z and printed it


it is the right answer!

there is a " "(blank) before the second and the third %d.