Building Interactive Websites with JS


Shouldn’t Building Interactive Websites with JS course be free?
i mean I understand that they need income to keep Codecademy working, but JS is one of the most important courses on Codecademy and almost everywhere.
And JS is most used to make websites interactive.
I know that there is a JQuery course available for free, but I think JQuery should be a PRO course and JS should be a free course(I mean this course, because there is an introduction to JS course for free).

You can learn this part of JS on other websites but I think every course you do here is 2x faster and rememberable than the courses on other websites

Also lot’s of people wanted C++, I always hear from my friends that It’s the most powerful programming language(I’m not saying that it isn’t), and it’s in films and all, but I think it depends on how you look at it, for me JS is the most powerful course. Did you hear from Lua? That is a powerful programming language too, but you don’t hear that every second, so if people would see what JS is capable of they would require that instead of C++
But this is my opinion


That is your answer. Anyway, since its so “important”, some people would pay just to learn this language to have a good understanding, and make money to keep any courses free.


There is a viable amount of teaser material on the free side for a person to succeed at creating an interactive website, albeit not entirely spelled out as such. The building materials are there, nonetheless.

HTML is the principle API since it is the foundation of the DOM. The CSS API is naturally threaded to the DOM, as is JS. We learn this.

As far as the intensive courseware goes it only really offers templates and case studies sprinkled with all the various gold dust that can be found in the host of other APIs implemented in modern webs.

We can learn that on our own, if we so choose. If you’re as anal as I was you’ll be fixated on the validity and well-formedness of your document markup. Add to this religious adherence to web accessibility guidelines with respect to responsible publishing.

To build an interactive website there is no escaping the mastery of HTML, CSS and JS. When we thread together our mastery and our imagination, any document can become a joy to behold. It’s not the regimen of courses but the individual who leads to this outcome.


Thank you, too :grinning: